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Reignite Demand: The Innovation Sandbox

Thursday, Jul. 2, 2020 | 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM UTC-7:00

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What factors make China a unique testing ground for innovation? What are some leading practices that MNCs have adopted to achieve success with innovation? How do these innovations will translate across borders as other countries begin to recover from Covid-19? Join a panel of Deloitte and Alibaba Cloud experts to learn about innovation strategies enable MNCs to adapt and thrive.


  • Reignite Demand
  • Let Data Demystify China Cyber Security
  • Salesforce Partnership
  • Alibaba Cloud Customer Innovations


  • Carrie Xiao

    Deloitte China, Life Sciences and Health Care Consulting Partner

  • Jens Ewert

    Head of Deloitte China Life Science and Health Care Industry

  • Hao Lin

    Head of MNC Business Development, Alibaba Cloud

  • Frances Yu

    Deloitte Lead Alliance Partner, Alibaba Cloud

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