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Securing Your Gold Content - Secure Media Archive Solution

Tuesday, Apr. 28, 2020 | 12:05 PM - 12:40 PM UTC+2:00

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Alibaba Cloud provides numerous storage solutions, as well as networking and partner utilities to support seamless migration. In this session, our product manager Glyn will present the various options, their benefits and why you might use chose each for different workflow requirements.

An archive solution will also be shown that ensures the benefits of the cloud are used including leveraging the highest possible standard for content protection. We will show how to secure your archive in a Trusted Partner Network (TPN) compliant manner on Alibaba Cloud.


  1. Media workflow
  2. Media archive
  3. Securing content
  4. Managing ingest and content


  • Glyn Smith

    Product Manager of Alibaba Cloud

    Glyn Smith has been working with media customers for over 15 years. He is helping customers understand how Alibaba Cloud's services are applicable to their media supply chain as well as listening to determine what additional features, products, partners or solutions are needed.

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