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Connecting to Digital Asia

Tuesday, Apr. 28, 2020 | 10:50 AM - 11:30 AM UTC+2:00

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Asia is the new global, digital power house. Learn how you can connect seamlessly to your locations and end customers in China with a cloud service provider who knows to spell GDPR. Understand our ""One-Account"" principle for truly global deployment and see how you can bridge the ""last mile"" in China with the help of Alibaba Cloud


  • Digital Asia
  • Why Alibaba Cloud?
  • Whom to Connect?
  • Can Connections Work Duplex?


  • Michael Plagge

    Business Development Director, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International

    Michael Plagge joined Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International in May 2018 as their Business Development Director. He has been with Alibaba Group since October 2016, initially as Director Business Development Automotive and Head of Autonavi Europe.

QA section

  • 1. Q: Its hosted in UAE your cloud .


    We have local data centre in Dubai, one of our 21 global regions. We also have a team based in Dubai dedicated for Middle East and Africa customers. Feel free to pass your or your company's specific requirement if you would like to speak to our local team. Many thanks.

  • 2. Q: I understood comprehensive reach in Asia but how is Alibaba cloud reach and its growth strategy in EMEA region.


    As of today we have 3 regions in EMEA so we are able to serve customers in this region quite well. If we see an increased user demand in specific areas, we will have a close look how we can adopt our regional footprint to serve these demands

  • 3. Q: I can totally understand the importance of the connection with the Asia market, but from a Sol. Architect prospective thinking about EU companies which have focus mainly on EU and considering the complexity of having different cloud providers at the same time, how can I present the Alibaba Cloud as a realistic solution vs AWS or Azure that have multiple region in EU (Some of them really in just 20km distance like the Milan AWS region)?


    There may be a couple of use-cases, where close distance to a datacenter is important due to latency requirements. But for most of our customers there are no such requirements. For them it's more important e.g. which kind of regulatory environment applies (like the GDPR in EU). And here we can offer a region/datacenters in Germany.

    About the "why Alibaba cloud" for EU in EU. We offer interesting technology from the Alibaba ecosystem, which may not be available elsewhere and which is usually tested with huge amount of data.

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