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Introduce Alibaba Cloud Security Products

Thursday, Jul. 9, 2020 | 2:45 PM - 4:00 PM UTC+2:00

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The Alibaba Cloud Academy Day EMEA is a two-day online conference dedicated to EMEA markets. We will share Alibaba Cloud's latest product updates and cutting edge technologies. You can interact with our top tier technology experts in specialized field and exchange ideas with them. We look forward to your attendance and participation. Register now for free and we look forward to seeing you online.


The webinar provides the necessary guidance and assurance to our customers in the strong security capabilities of Alibaba Cloud and the various security functionalities our customers could take advantage of in order to build a more secure cloud solution together with us.


  • Yan Zhang

    Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud

    Yan Zhang has 10 years’ experience in IT consulting, Cloud Architecting and Cybersecurity. He is currently in charge of the Training and Education team as well as university cooperations in EMEA to provide training courses and delivery service to global customers.

QA section

  • 1. Q: THNX. One more question. As SSL seems to be depreciated, are you support TLS 1.2 natively? It's slowly starting to be normal that for websites we use (globally) https is based on TLS, not on SSL.


    We support TLS 1.2 natively.

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