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Implement your business to China. Why, How, with Whom ?

Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020 | 1:50 PM - 2:20 PM UTC+0:00

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Deploy its business to China, it is opening the 2nd worldwide economy market, no more ! Despite the pandemic situation, the country should reach almost 2% GDP growth, impressive ! But for a European company, how to understand all the different local markets in order to make a successful implementation?
From an IT and e-commerce prospective, what are the dos and don’t to take on ?

During the interview with Patrick Aisenberg, co-founder of Linkbynet, a global cloud services company, you will discover several tips helping to understand the specificities of this complex country, and how to deal with the local IT requirements.


  • Business expansion to china
  • IT services
  • Migration consulting
  • Cloud deployment


  • Patrick Aisenberg

    co-founder Linkbynet

    Patrick AISENBERG created LINKBYNET with his brother Stephane in 2000. With the objective of accompanying customers in their strategic transformation, they quickly made LINKBYNET one of the first leading company specialized in cloud consulting, transformation and optimization, and in cybersecurity.

QA section

  • 1. Q: What is the most important tips for cloud migration of China business for an European company? Any specific guidances under the Chinese context in particular?


    Thank you for your question. A few important tips here:

    1. Use a Chinese cloud provider and of course Alibaba Cloud
    2. Store the data in China to follow CSL (China CyberSecurity law)
    3. Be careful with data replication that can be very long and difficult
    4. Work with providers who know the 2 worlds , Europe and China.

  • 2. Q: Has the whitepaper included the latest guidance regarding cyber security law regulation?


    Hi,the white paper does not include the last guidance concerning CSL but we can help you on this very specific topic. You need to be compliance with ICP, data storage , data replication , content , etc...

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