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Modernize your E-commerce solution with Alibaba Cloud

Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020 | 11:20 AM - 11:50 AM UTC+0:00

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We are in a particularly challenging time with the covid-19 impact. People are changing their behaviors; Companies are increasingly leveraging data technology to explore new business potential. Retailers have a unique opportunity to transform the way they interact with customers. AI can help them to better understand their customers, influence their purchases in the moment, anticipate future purchases, and guide shoppers towards the right products in a highly personalized manner.

In this session, Yuefeng Sun, Data Intelligence Architect of Alibaba Cloud, will show you in 30 minutes how Alibaba Cloud can help you resolve some key questions in retail including:
• How to better understand your customer ?
• How to reduce your customer's searching time and make their shopping experience more smooth?
• How to provide only relevant information at the right moment to your customers so that they feel better understood?
• How to reduce your operational cost with AI ?


⁃ Every customer deserves online VIP shopping experience
⁃ Help your customer quickly find what they want
⁃ Deliver more efficiently with machine learning on Vehicle Routing Problem services
⁃ Optimize your inventory with sales prediction


  • Yuefeng Sun

    Data Intelligence Architect of Alibaba Cloud

    Yuefeng is Data Intelligence Architect of Alibaba Cloud, especially on New Retail solutions. He worked as specialist on Business Intelligence, Financial Performance Management and delivered many data projects for Capgemini and Salesforce (Tableau) before joining Alibaba.

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