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Case Sharing: FinTech Industry

Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020 | 12:20 PM - 12:50 PM UTC+0:00

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The cloud provides the necessary compliance, security, resilience and scalability to enable Forex traders to operate on a global scale. In this webinar, we will address some of the benefits, challenges and future directions for Forex in the cloud, including a real-life case study to highlight the impact of the cloud on the Forex industry. We will also introduce some of Alibaba Cloud’s products and services, which are perfectly suited to expedite secure, efficient and compliant trading on the worldwide stage of the Forex market.


  • The Forex Industry in the Cloud
  • Current Challenges
  • Alibaba Cloud: Vertical Solutions
  • Windsor Brokers case study


  • Dr. Xiaoming Wang

    Solution Architect of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

    Dr. Xiaoming Wang, with academic settings of network & AI and 10 years experience in payment industry including Alipay, he is serving in Alibaba Cloud as a Solution Architect (Europe) with a particular focus on FinTech vertical.

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